Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice Fantasy

Okay so I am a little late this week in writing but I am now ready and so here it goes.

Health first, I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I looked good and he does not need to see me again for a few months unless I have issues and need to see him before then. I must say though that the sad thing for me is that I know I will get sick again, not that I am sitting around everyday thinking oh poor me for I am trying to do the opposite. I wake each day and assess how I feel and then decide what I should do that day.I really try to live for today because I just don't know how I will feel tomorrow and even my doctor said yesterday it's hard with MS, you really never know what to expect. Anyway, as I said things are good right now! Carpe diem right!

Other news, I went to Disney on Ice. I was told it was a family thing and really was not given a choice. My father claimed it was really for Marice and Amie but I think he was really the one that wanted to go. I remember years ago go we went to see Toy Story on Ice and we had no kids other then me and whatever friend I took along, I don't remember who it was. Anyway, I lived through Disney on Ice!!

Oh one last thing, I got carded last night when I ordered an adult beverage OMG!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gingerbread Mess

Okay so let's get the health stuff out of the way first. I am still having a very difficult time typing and if it was not such good occupational therapy I would just put the computer way, but I have tons of time too and so I type on. Other than my hands bugging me still I have now noticed that my feet are a little numb and so I will have to keep an eye on that over the next few days. I do go to the doctor next week, but if I notice any change before then I will need to call him to get in earlier. Also, my injections sites don't seem to be itching this week and so I am happy about that.

Okay so now for more entertaining stuff. I watched the movie "Gran Torino" and I highly recommend it, but do be advised that it has very strong language, but by and bye a great film.
Other than that my Grandmother and I finally put together our gingerbread house that we could not get done before Christmas and it was a mess. We put it all together and it then just fell apart. We joked that all the white frosting it looked like it was blown apart by a blizzard. We had a great time though and that is all that matters.

I am also really excited that Nicole are I are going to see Rent in Chicago in April!!!
Oh one last thought, I am sooo happy that so many people are interested in participating in Walk MS 2009. I hope that we can use Facebook to address any issues that our friends are having and need help with and so if someone else out there needs help with a cause don't be afraid to ask!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Just a quick hello to see if the new app I added will show a new post :)

Let's catch up

It's only been a few days since I have written but I think that Monday will be my normal blog day and so here it goes...

Most of you know that I have MS by now and since I will blog quite a bit about my health I thought I would add a bit more details for those that never followed my blog on myspace. I take eight RX's a day, one is an injection called Copaxone that is used to slow the progression of MS. If you need to more about MS just ask me, or another good starting point is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website, it is good at explaining the disease and it's symptons. I also have several other meds that have been added over the last 4 years since being diagnosed.

I a pill for depression, a lot of the MS drugs cause it, I take a pill for hypothyrodism, a pill for hypertension, a pill for Colitis, a birth controll (don't want to get knocked up when taking the MS drugs, I take a pill to control spascity, and one last pill for Acid Reflex. I also take pills for migraines and nausea as needed. I write this all not to just let you know what different things that I am dealing with but in case any of you suffer from any of the same aliments.

Currently I am being driven crazy by my injection sites for they are itching like crazy, it is a normal side effect but I don't have it all the time. Second my hands are not working quite right and so typing this is taking a long time but it is good therapy for my hands.

Ok so as for something more fun, my friend Nicole and I met up after several years last night for dinner at Bass Street Chop. The talented Chef Lear was working and made a wonderful dinner for us. If I had a restaurant I would hire Doug to be my Executive Chef (this Nicole I ate with was not his wife, not this time, but I know Doug through his wife Nicole). Anyway, I did not know until the other night that they have great Sunday dinner specials in which you get a whole meal for one price. Normally it is ala carte. Anyway, we had portabella french fries to start things off and then I had the special which was a 80z steak with 4 shrimp, brocolli, mashed potatoes, and a salad. It was $29.99, that is a wonderful price for all that food. The evening was great. Nicole and I had a lot to catch up on and still do. It was a wonderful evening.

I don't have much scheduled for this week. If you know me then you know I don't like to make a lot of plans because I never know if I will feel well or not.

Hope everyone has a great week! More later...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

Well it's a new year and so far I am off on right track, being that last year on this day I woke up sick and the rest of the year was horrible. I have never been so happy for a year to be over. As of today I would say that I am remission I don't seem to have any major symptoms holding me back, just the normal ones like fatigue, and for I guess some issues with my fingers because I am having a horrible time typing.

I learned a lot of new things in 2008, not entirely by choice, such as that the Link card requires you to use the EBT button at the store, and what a spenddown is. For those that don 't know what I am talking about, welcome to the world of DHS, ha ha.

Anyway, giving my typing is making this short note take me a long, I will stop for now.

My previous blog on myspace will be deleted in the next 48 hours :)