Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a pirates life for me.

Yo ho ho it's a pirate life for me.

Health is fine. Have been tired but I am used to that and still is nothing major to deal with.

The past weekend was great. I went with Kumar, Sean, and Julie to the RI All Alumi Event up at Belgrade and it was fun, but I always have fun with Kumar. I didn't do much else this past weekend because I was so tired and needed to sleep, but it was still a good weekend and I am happy and that is the most important thing.

I don't have too much going on this week, but I am going to get my hair did at 3 today and so I am happy about that. I have been putting it off for forever now but I have to get the layers cut back in, I just have to! haha.

I did watch the Oscar's but I thought they were pretty boring. I put the movies in my Netflix queue but didnt watch much of the event and concentrated on the last book of the Twilight series. I am now done with all 4 and since I plowed through them the first time I will have to go back and read them again. Won't be a problem because I loved them. Luckily I bought all four at once and just have to put one down and pick up the next one. I would totally recommend the books and I look forward to watching the movie when it comes out on DVD next month.

Take care, Love to all!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am not the big winner! At the casino anyway :)

Okay so this past week was really good. Health wise other than being very tired, I did not have any problems.

I did meet a wonderful guy (whom I shall Kumar). He is great. We spent a nice quiet evening at his house Friday night watching movies and cuddling on the couch. Very nice and so Valentine's Day was not as lonely as I predicted it to be, it actually turned out to be a very nice day. I spent most of it with the mother and father, but all in all it was a very nice day. Sunday I spent most the of day with Grandma. We took her to the new casino, where I did not win, but then the two of us went out to lunch and ran to the grocery store. And so it was a nice weekend full of family and a new friend :) I was very much at peace all weekend.

As for this week, I am spending the day with Kumar tomorrow and expect to have a fantastic day!
I will also get my taxes done this week and head to grandma's as usual if I am feeling okay.
Oh one last piece of really good news, I just got word from my lawyer that the one student loan that I have left will be all gone very soon. They are willing to take a payoff of 3k for a 15k loan, which my mother of course jumped at and so anyway when I do go back to work, I will not have any bills other than my home. Both of my student loans will be gone!!!! Though if you have seen my replacement to the Bug you know that someday I will HAVE to buy a new car hahaha!

Love to all!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Viva la viva my soul

Hey new week so new blog.

Health first as usual. Things are good. I have bit a bit down in the dumps but that not MS related, just boy troubles, but I am moving on. I will be fine, I always am.

I had a great weekend. It was full of family and friends! I did tons of fun stuff. Went out with my parents and friends, went to the movies, a basketball game, breakfest, and even made time to get back to grandmas. It was a great weekend! It got my mind off of silly unimportant things and back on stuff that's important.

I have plans to go out with a bunch of girls Friday night and that should be great too!

BTW I love this year's Grammy Cd. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Love to all!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I know, I'm a bad girl

Okay I haven't been blogging and have had a request to get you all up to date.

Health first. All is basically okay. I have just been really tired lately and even after sleeping all night have found it nencessary to take a nap pretty much everyday. I did fall over this morning when I got up off the couch but nothing is broken I just had to clean up the water that I spilled all over the floor. My left foot just didn't want to work but after a few minutes all was okay. I must have just been sitting down for too long.

I am not feeling so hot today but that is more because I am stressed more than anything. Carlos (again not his real name but it you don't know who I am talking about just ask) has met another girl and not that they are dating or anything but it shocked me and so I am dealing with that right now. I just talked to him a little bit ago and we need to figure out somethings between us and so not a lot to say on that.

Last weekend I went to Jungle Bungle and had a great time. It was a bday party for my friends son and I got to see so many people that I haven't in a few years and so it was great! There are some pics posted on my Facebook page of that.

I have been feeling a bit lonely the past few days and have booked some time with different people over the next few days to get out of my funk.

Everyone take care and I will talk to you soon!