Monday, March 30, 2009

Move that foot!

Health first, I have had my first official exacerbation (relapse) in 7 mths. It is an improvement to at least say it has been 7 mths. I just finished doing 3 days of IV steroids and will now go on to 1 month of oral steroids. I really have not noticed any improvement in my left foot and will go back to the doctor next week. My foot is still as still as ever. As I mentioned before, try tapping your feet. My right one works just fine, but my left foot does not move at all.

And so now, if the steroids do their job that is great and nothing will have to change treatment wise for me. But, if they do not work I am looking to have to try Tysabri or Chemo as treatment options for I am running out. None of the treatments are a cure but they are supposed to help slow the progression of the disease and that is what I need because it seems to have a mind of it's own!

Honestly, I feel pretty good, other than the fact that my foot does not work. I am really tired right now but that is just because the steroids drive my body crazy and I have not had much sleep.

I did make it out to dinner on Saturday night with Nicole and Caine and of course Sean and Julie. We went to Bass Street and it was great! Last night Amie and her cousin came over while the Rents went to bowling and we just hung out and watched TV.

Not too much on the agenda for this week, BUT the NKOTB concert on Thursday!!!

Love to all, Stacy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Please sir may I have some more

Health first. I hate that I actually have something to write here. First, I have been in pain. It moves everyday. One day it hurts when I bend my knee, next day it hurts to use keep my hands open, today both of my wrists hurt. I have never had pain with MS before and this really hurts!!

Second, I am losing control in my left leg and foot. They are not numb but I can not move them well. For instance if you asked me to tap my feet, I can do that with the right one but the left one would not move, you would think that I just wasn't tapping that foot, when I was sitting here concentrating really hard trying to get it to work. I called the doctor and he can't see me until Wednesday afternoon. He has a habit of just admitting me to the hospital when I am sick and so I might end up there in a couple of days, I just don't know. When symptoms show up they usually get worse before they get better.

Other than that, I had a great weekend. A group of us went to the trivia night for the Milan Animal Shelter and they raised over $6,700. We were not the winners that night, we came in 11th out of the 48 teams but we were happy with that and had a lot of fun.

Anyway, my wrists really hurt, love to all. Stacy

Monday, March 16, 2009

chao ban

Health first as usual. I am feel better after sleeping most of my weekend away. I still find some time for fun though. Kumar came over Friday and we just watched tv and layed on the couch since I didn't feel well. Saturday I never made it out to any bars or parties but I layed in bed most of the day since my headache had not gone away. I did get out of bed long enough to join Kumar and his friends for dinner. We went to MJ's in Davenport and I have some chicken dish which was good, though I will try something different next time. I can't tell you what the name of the dish was since Kumar ordered for me, wish my permission, and it was in Vietnamese anyway and so I wouldn't say it right anyway. Better to leave that up to him. I came home and went back to bed afterwards.
Sunday I had an early breakfest with Nicole and we got a chance to catch up a bit, just a few more weeks and we will be off to Chicago for the day to see Rent!! For lunch I met Julie and Jen and we put the final plans on the shower and now I just have to order the food and get the invites done. I also went to the movies Sunday night and saw the Last House on the Left. Neither of us really cared for it and so I would pass if it was on your list of things to see.

I don't know if you guys know about 80/20 or not and I want to make sure to share and so here is some info on it!
In love you are never going to find the 100% of what you're looking for in a mate, mostly about 80%. Of course you'll see that left over 20% in others and that may sway your attention because that's the missing portion you've been looking for. However if you leave your 80% for that other you'll only be getting 20% and now in need of 80%! Most people don't think in those terms but it makes so much sense. But of course things are never so black and white. Not many people are just 20%. Qualities will overlap and both could be 80% but some have different traits that you were looking but never all. The key is to be able to figure out what kind of "80 percenter" you are looking for. And will some traits be worth more than others? Putting it all into mathematical terms makes my head hurt and I find it makes finding "the one" a little more analytical. We make mistakes but if focused on this 80-20 rule in love it might help us to make wiser decisions. We just have to slow down and think before we leap. This is something I had to really think about after having a good conversation with some friends. Are there certain qualities that I hold so high which are really 20% qualties and, therefore, ones I can live without? My hope is that if I find an 80%, then the 20% not achieved would be something that wouldn't be a deal breaker because I get so much more. I just need to narrow down what I consider 20%.
I'm also in favor of another rule that I'd like to think I coined called the debt vs. investment scenario in dating. I believe that "the one" is someone that will only make you a better person and help you to a better life (investment). The "not the one" is someone who makes you worse off than you were without him be it financially, emotionally or physically (debt). For example, a guy that makes you smile and adds a brightness to your day- investment and he should be someone you should keep to pursue a deeper relationship. A guy who is negative, perhaps says mean things to you and affects the way you feel about yourself has only made you worse off and therefore put you in debt emotionally. I try to employ this logic and it has kept me from making some big mistakes and I bet it could work in well with this 80/20 rule. Oh, well, just my thoughts.

Love to all,

p.s. chao ban is hello friend in vietnamese :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wish me luck!

Health first as usual, nothing too much going on. I haven't been feeling my best but still good for the most part. My head has been hurting and my stupid injection sites are itching like crazy, this comes and goes.

Last week was good. I spent time with family and it was fairly quiet, but with all the rain I didn't want to go do much. I just stayed in and watched movies and hung with the pets.

I am taking Grandma to the new casino on Thursday and maybe I will win tons of money to take a trip somewhere, wouldn't that be great. I have also started planning Julie's baby shower, if you see this and would like to come, let me know.

I hope all is well with everyone, all my love, Stacy

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another week bites the dust!

Hello hello, so the health thing is still okay at the moment. I have been tired and sleeping really long hours but I feel good and have been able to enjoy spending time with family and friends because of it. Currently I am looking for a kettlebell to work out with but it seems that all local places either have ones that are to heavy for me or they don't carry them in the store at all and you have to order online and so I have stopped my search for the day. I found some options but am not willing to hit that order button just yet.

This past weekend was great. I spent time with Kumar on Friday. He brought over dinner and we watched a movie. It was a quiet night but very nice. Saturday I played Wii with my little cousins and Sunday I went to see Twilight finally with a couple of friends. Great Weekend! As long as my health is good I will continue to try to jam in as much fun as possible. I just don't know if I will wake up tomorrow and be all sicky.

Anyway, to all a good week!!!
All my love, Stacy!