Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not the patient!

Wow, it's been a while since I have written. Sorry! Not that anyone reads this anyway.

Health wise, I have had a trip to the ER a couple of weeks ago for a migraine but I was all better after the drugs they gave me up there. Still trying to figure out the exact cause of them. Part of me thinks that it is related to my period but still not sure. I also have been suffering from migrating joint pain and have been off to the doctor for that. He thought I might have Lyme disease and so I was treated for that and arthritis but both tests came back negative. I go see him soon to follow up and perhaps will be off to the Neuro to try to find more answers to the pain and the migraines.

I did go on vacation to visit my family in ND and I had a great time! We stopped at Minneapolis on the way up and went to the zoo and to a Twins game. We also spent a little time at the Mall of America. OMG is that place huge!! I would love to go back there for a few days!!!

Let's see what else. Julie fell the other day chasing Jack and broke her elbow. I went to the ER and for once was not the patient. I haven't talked to her today but last time I did she was still in a lot of pain. This just happened on Sunday.

Well, I am at my parents and I can smell that dinner is ready and so

Love to all, Take Care,