Monday, October 26, 2009

Move that Bus (or for DHS move your A$$!)

Hey Hey, So I better get back on track and start writing my blog again for it has been almost a month since my last confession lol

I haven't been feeling my best. I have been very depressed and very pukey. Fun Fun! Truth is my medicaid card didn't come like it should have and I haven't been taking all my prescriptions and that only makes things worse. My life w/o Cymbalta is not good. I have been crying at everything and anything. Last night I cried at America's Funniest Home Videos, which is NOT the point of that show. I called the DHS lady again today and hopefully this time she will call me back. I am going to run out of my injectons in a few days and I don't have $4,000 laying around to pay for them out of my pocket. I gave them the receipts they needed over two weeks ago and they better get a move on down there. I don't know who much any of you have ever had to deal with DHS but I tell ya that are not always the nicest and the fastest people. Anyway so between crying and puking from not feeling well I have not done much over the past week or so and am looking foward to this weekend and some Halloween parties. Giving that , I am feeling better. I am better than I was but still not great.

Okay, so let me see if there is anything positive to write about... Nope nothing, I still feel like the world is crap lol.

Anyway, I promise to write again soon when I am feeling better.

Love to all, Take care,