Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Almost Disney Time

Wow, it's almost been a month since my last confession. Things are different than a month ago and many things that I wrote about then didn't work out. For instance, I did not get my tubes tied. My mother and many others asked me to at least wait a few more years before I do something so drastic. Who knows maybe I will want kids someday.

Also, I did not go back to work. Currently, I have pretty good premiums and deductible's for RX coverage and if I go back to work that will change.

I have also been smoking. I know that's bad, but it is about to change. I leave for Disney next week and that will be my quitting date. I will have no plans for sure, I did it last year when I went to North Dakota, the trick is to not start when I get home!

My health is good. I feel that I am at my best right now. No major problems, which is really good with Disney next week. If anything changes I will let you know.

Oh, yeah, I'm still single lol

Love to all, Take Care,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonight's gonna be a good good night

So happy June everybody. Hope all is well with everyone. Things for me have been going good, I'm doing well with the not smoking thing and still have the appointment set up to see my other doctor about getting my tubes tied. I had to reschedule the earlier appointment because my insurance card had not come in the mail yet.
Nothing too much going on. Nothing I would say that is interesting enough to blog about. I have gone out a few times this month and have had some great nights with great people and as long as I am feeling good I am looking to have some more good nights.
I am still waiting to hear back for DRS to see if I am eligible to receive their assistance to look for a part time job. Which reminds me of an email I need to send. LOL.
I am going out tomorrow night with my parents for their anniversary. 38 years! Way to go Mom and Dad!!!

Take care, love to all,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hi ho hi ho back to work I go

Hello, I know it has been a while but things have been good. No major problems in a while, just the typical fatigue and so forth. I keep waiting to get sick, it will happen sooner or later.

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I am thinking of going back to work part time and I went to the Department of Rehabilation Services the other day to use their services in doing so. They have requested the necessary paperwork from my doctors and I will find out in the next month or so if I can go back to work.

I also started Wellbution to help me stop smoking and so far its' going good. I also plan on getting my tubes tied soon and I have a doctor's appointment the beginning of june with a gyno to get it set up. Big decision I know, but it's the right one for me.

Anyway, looking forward to my birthday party and celebrating along with Zoe. Will be tons of fun.
Take care, love to all,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Before I go

Okay, so I'm behind on writing but that's because things have been good. Recent problems include being tired all the time and needing about 12 hours of sleep a night and perhaps a nap too. My balance has been a little off and I have a few bruises from running into walls and so forth. I am still expecting to get sick any day now since it is the spring and that is when I tend to relapse but I have been lucky so far. I just want to make sure that I am in good health to go to Disney and so I am hoping to get my relapse out of the way before I go and get back to good health so that I don't have that to worry about.

Haven't been up to much, Nothing new and exciting to tell you about lol.

Take care, love to all

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Knit one, purl two

Hey everybody,

Nothing too much going on with me right now. Overall I feel good and don't seem to have any major issues. I am tired most of the time and have been sleeping quite a bit but that I can handle.

Knitting is NOT going well. I didn't make it to class tonight because I had Zoe, but I still couldn't finish what we started last week and so maybe it is time to call the quits on that, at least for now. I can do the basic stitches but I just cannot get ribbing down. I try and try and it still comes out wrong. At least I can knit one purl two lol.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Take care, Love to all,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've been a bad bad girl

Well, I haven't been feeling well lately. I get some really bad headaches and am not able to keep anything down for a few days. I am finally better and the weather is bad and so I can't really go out, not that I have anything to do anyways lol.
Balanced my checkbook and realized that I have managed to spend way more money than I have and I can't figure out why, I hate when that happens.
So on the brighter side as I said I am feeling better and that's about all I have to say about that lol.

I hope this week finds everyone well and having a better time than I am.
Love to all,take care,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Off to knit

Wow, I didn't realize that it has been so long since my last confession. I am so sorry :). Things are going well overall. I have had some issues with balance and have been very tired but these are things that I can handle. Also, I had a cyst removed from my head last week and the darn stitches itch, but i'm being a good girl and leaving them alone. They will biopsy what they took out but I am sure it's nothing, it was just a bump on my head, that's all.

Nothing new to report, still working on my crochet and getting ready to sign up for a knitting class with RIFAC in February and so maybe next year for Christmas I can make some knit things instead of my crochet things. Should be fun.

Anyhoo, love to all, take care,