Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonight's gonna be a good good night

So happy June everybody. Hope all is well with everyone. Things for me have been going good, I'm doing well with the not smoking thing and still have the appointment set up to see my other doctor about getting my tubes tied. I had to reschedule the earlier appointment because my insurance card had not come in the mail yet.
Nothing too much going on. Nothing I would say that is interesting enough to blog about. I have gone out a few times this month and have had some great nights with great people and as long as I am feeling good I am looking to have some more good nights.
I am still waiting to hear back for DRS to see if I am eligible to receive their assistance to look for a part time job. Which reminds me of an email I need to send. LOL.
I am going out tomorrow night with my parents for their anniversary. 38 years! Way to go Mom and Dad!!!

Take care, love to all,