Friday, March 2, 2012

MS is back....

I got the results from my MRI's this week from my doctor and my MS has not progressed, but I do a few active lesions that are causing my current problems.   I am now on steroid infusions for 3 days and will follow up with a month of prednisone pills. I actually prefer the infusions to taking the yucky pills and this will all most likely ruin my attempts to lose some weight but it is worth it to get better.  I am also hoping that since I have had this exacerbation so early this Spring, if you can call it that already, that I won't have another one any time soon.

My main issues at the moment are some numbness, cognitive, and a tendency to fall A LOT.

Will let you all know more over the next few weeks to see if I see any improvement.

Love to all,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Help I've fallen...

Update......Wow, I have fallen so many times lately I've lost track of the exact count. And even if I did count them I doubt that I would remember the number because I can't seem to remember anything lately. Plus I have numbness around my waist.  So cognitative issues, numbness, and balance issues, yes the MS wants to say hello I'm still here Stacy.  Any hoo I have 4 MRI's scheduled for this week and will meet with my doctor next week to review the results of the scans.

So please feel free to donate to Walk MS 2012 on my behalf because I would really like a cure lol

Love to all,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello, hello

Hello, It's been quite a while since I last updated everyone on my health. I suppose at the moment one would say that I am stable. I have issues with balance and coordination, I actually fell earlier today. I also am having cognitive issues. I can put my keys in my pockets and then forget a few seconds or minutes later where I put them. I am also tired at usual. I am very excited that Walk MS is coming up in a few months. I cannot wait! I am hoping that our team grows from last year and that we raise even more money. Tif has some excellent ideas on fundraisers that we can do as well. Rocco is overweight by 4 lbs and I told the vet that it runs in the family. I am trying to cut us both back on unnecessary junk. That's all for now. Love to all, Stacy

Sunday, January 15, 2012