Friday, March 2, 2012

MS is back....

I got the results from my MRI's this week from my doctor and my MS has not progressed, but I do a few active lesions that are causing my current problems.   I am now on steroid infusions for 3 days and will follow up with a month of prednisone pills. I actually prefer the infusions to taking the yucky pills and this will all most likely ruin my attempts to lose some weight but it is worth it to get better.  I am also hoping that since I have had this exacerbation so early this Spring, if you can call it that already, that I won't have another one any time soon.

My main issues at the moment are some numbness, cognitive, and a tendency to fall A LOT.

Will let you all know more over the next few weeks to see if I see any improvement.

Love to all,

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